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In the early 50s of the last century, there lived a father and a son on the shore of the Daugava, who were united by love for good, properly prepared beer. As befits real men, they proved this love not in words, but in deeds - every year, on Yanov's day, making the beer for their family, friends and neighbors. Since they were making the beer for the insiders, they cooked it with special care and attention - what else to put out on the tables to their relatives, if not the best product.


The fame of the beer spread far beyond their native region, and soon people from all over Latvia went on a long journey in hopes of trying it. It did not even enter the minds of the first brewers - to become owners of a large brewery, their only goal was a delicious beer of the highest quality.


Today we know it as Lāčplēsis beer - and fifty years later the legend of Lāčplēsis is alive! Real heroes become immortal legends, whose stories we reveal to each other, raising glasses of cold beer. May the legend of Lāčplēsis live forever!

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